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Residential Electric

Our certified electricians can take care of your electrical needs inside and out. From whole home surge protection to outdoor lighting, electrical panel upgrades to Generac whole home generators, and much more. When you need an electrician, look for a name you know you can trust.

Main Electrical

The service cable coming to your home from the power company – often times referred to as the main service cable or simply service cable, is the primary electrical feed coming to your home. For homes with an aerial service cable, the main electrical line is fed to the home above ground, it is important to periodically check the cable as weathering can cause damage to the cable sheathing and ultimately cause a power failure or other potentially hazardous conditions to your home.

Electrical Panels

With the increase in electronics and many homeowners electing to add-on or renovate their homes both inside and outside, the demand for more power has never been greater. Though appliances have become more efficient, the collective number of devices as well as the average size of homes has increased over the past few years which will often require the need to upgrade your electrical service to a higher output in order to satisfy the demand.

Surge Protection

Many homeowners believe that the power strip surge protectors available at virtually any local store are enough to protect the electronics in their home. Unfortunately, it is a false sense of security as not all surge protectors are equal and power surges will enter your home through virtually any wire. A typical whole home surge protector installation cost would be similar to that of adding plug in power strips for all of the rooms in your home, not outlets, yet provide complete surge protection for every outlet within your home.

Electrical Contractor

If you are planning an addition or home renovation it is best to contact an electrical contractor to assess your needs and design an electrical plan. R&D provides complete electrical design and installation services and will custom-tailor solutions to your fit your electrical needs

Outdoor Electrical

Outdoor living areas have become extremely popular over the past few years with home owners transforming unused property into entertainment spaces. From pools and pool houses to gazebos and patios, R&D can help you enhance the functionality and beauty of your outdoor space by adding electric.

Circuit Breaker

The demands of today’s electronics place a lot of strain on your home’s electrical breakers. Additionally, we find that many homeowners have added outlets to their existing electrical runs further straining the capacity of the circuit breaker. Ultimately, the circuit breaker continues to trip and then ultimately fails which can create a multitude of issues and potential hazards.