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Residential Water Treatment

Water impacts much more than simply staying hydrated, it affects our skin, our clothing, the appliances that not only use water but disperse it, and even the foods we eat.

More surprising and often over looked is the cost of not just using water but the effects of using poor quality water. The only way to accurately determine if you should have a water treatment system is to have your water tested. Most municipalities offer water testing for a nominal fee or in some cases at no charge. To obtain a water quality report you should contact your local water authority or you may be able to access a public report here. R&D Services provides a free water quality report as a service to all of our clients, if you would like to obtain a report for your home please contact us today.

The water quality report will provide a lot of detail about what is in your water and indicate whether or not a water treatment system is necessary for your home. The primary concerns with water quality are bacteria and other pathogens, PH levels, lead and water hardness. For a more comprehensive list of contaminants you can click on one of the links below provided by the EPA.

The type of water you have at your home is equally important as there are different methods for treating homes with well water in comparison on to homes with city water.

Water Softners

The X-Factor Series LX is a top-of-the-line electronic water softener. Designed to be efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly, this water treatment system uses the most modern technology to provide your home with healthy water while minimizing waste.

Water Filtration

These lightweight and cost-effective filtration systems are easy to change-out and incredible effective. Rid your home or business’s water of unwanted tastes or odors caused by ground water or city water treatment processes.

Ultra Violet Purifiers

Ultra-violet water purifiers use high-intensity UV bulbs and core chamber technology to neutralize harmful bacteria from your home’s water supply. This equipment is designed to the highest industry standards so you can rest assured that your family’s most vital resource is safe and healthy.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is an incredibly efficient way to reduce minerals and contaminants found in common tap water.

What type of Water issues are you experiencing?

Water makes up 60% of our bodies and is equally ingrained in every aspect of our lives from nourishing our bodies to maintaining our hygiene. Water is one of the few constants we use every day.

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Well systems are susceptible to a variety of contaminants because it is using untreated groundwater. Contaminants could include anything that seeps into the ground such as septic systems, pesticides, or anything else that could get into the groundwater. You don't have to guess what may or may not be in your water, call us today for a free water treatment report and know exactly what is in your well water and how you can treat it if needed.

Hard water is the chief culprit of dry skin. Mineral deposits left on your skin and clothes from hard water can cause skin irritation and dryness. A water softener can address this issue by removing the mineral deposits from your water.

Nothing is worse than washing glasses and dishes only to see spots calcified spots appear that are even more difficult to remove. Or having your clothes look old in worn even though they have only been washed a few times. Each of these issues are caused by hard water.

Nothing is much worse smelly or bad tasting water! Fortunately, most things that will make water not as aromatic as you would like are not harmful to you. If you have a rotten egg smell it is generally hydrogen sulfide gas. If your water has a cucumber-ish odor it is most likely high sulfur bacteria levels. If your water has an odor to it don't guess, contact us for a free water sample report.

Sediments found in your water can include virtually anything that runs off into the groundwater. This includes septic, pesticides, along with various minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The best way to treat sediment is through filtration, whether that be through a canister style filter or reverse osmosis filter system.

Does you sink or toilet have an unsightly orangish-red stain forming near the drain or at the water line in the toilet? If so you have an iron problem. Don't worry, it's common, iron is the 4th most abundant element on the planet and very common to be found in groundwater. We have water treatment systems design to eliminate iron from your water which you and your appliances will be thankful for!