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Main Electrical Service Repair and Upgrades

The service cable coming to your home from the power company – often times referred to as the main service cable or simply service cable is the primary electrical feed coming to your home. The main service cable connects to your electrical meter. From the meter, there is another service cable which connects the main power from the meter to the electrical panel in your home. The electrical panel is the “hub” which then disperses electricity throughout the various areas of your home.

Trust a Professional Electrician

Typically, the main service cable has two hot wires inside electrical sheathing that enters your meter box. There are guard wires inside the sheathing to protect the inner wires and there is generally some rubber insulation around the wires so that in the event the cable frays or is damaged you should still be protected from the current.

However, it’s not advisable for anyone who is not an electrician to tamper with a service cable. Attempting to repair or modify a main service line on your own can be fatal and is best left to a professional.

If the electric service cable on your home is old and visually starting to fray it’s most likely time to hire an electrician to replace it. That entails running a new cable to replace the old one, and then having the work inspected by the local jurisdiction.

An old service connection may mean that the house has an equally old electrical “service.” Service comes in a number of sizes, generally 60-amp up to 600 amps. The size of the service governs how many circuits, breakers or fuses, it can hold.

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