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City Water Treatment

Though city water is treated by your municipality, often times the result can still produce hard water as well as bacteria and more often than not large amounts of chlorine which is used in the water treatment process by the water authority. Many of the same issues that are found with well water are also found in city water, albeit to a lesser degree in some areas such as scale build up and staining. With city water the primary issues are the taste and odor of the water as well as the chlorine content, and depending upon where you live water hardness can also still be an issue. Other contaminants often found in drinking water listed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) include:

  • Microbial Contamination
  • Chemical Contamination from Fertilizers
  • High Nitrate Levels
  • Lead Contamination

A water purification system coupled with a water softener is the ideal system for those with city water. Many of the contaminants if not all can only be removed from your water using a water treatment system. According to the EPA, even boiling the water will not remove or kill harmful contaminants found in standard tap water. For the full EPA report on tap water click here. R&D Service provides a variety of solutions designed specifically for city water homes, to learn more click on some of the products below or give us a call for a free consultation.

No matter what type of water you have, be it city water or well water, it is best to have the water tested so that you identify potential issue before they become major problems in your home. R&D Services provides free water testing along with a full water quality report so that you can be more informed about the water coming into your home.

City Water Purification Systems

  • City water treatment system

    The X Factor City Soft Plus

    For chlorinated city water, this system is the perfect treatment solution. Legacy’s City Soft PLUS system will deliver crystal-clear, non-corrosive, soft water to your home or business. These systems remove odors and flavors imparted by city water treatment plants and reduce water hardness for a more pleasant experience.

    Click here to see the full Legacy X Factor City Soft Plus system brochure.

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