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Heat Pump Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services

R&D Heating and Cooling provides a full suite of repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services for heat pumps.

Heat Pump Repair Services

Even though heat pumps are long-lasting and energy efficient heating solutions, their parts wear out quickly. Heat pumps may require more maintenance and attention than other heating systems due to their year-round use.R&D HVAC offers clients full support for any necessary repairs. We can also repair heat pumps that are out-of-warranty. Upon repair, however, warranty benefits will be voided.

Heat Pump Replacements

All of our technicians are properly trained, qualified, and knowledgeable in heat pump replacements and installations. At R&D HVAC, we guarantee the quality of the work, and we are certain that you are going to enjoy the functioning of your heat pump for many years to come.