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Water Treatment

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Clean Water for a Healthy Home

Water impacts much more than simply staying hydrated, it affects our skin, our clothing, the appliances that not only use water but disperse it, and even the foods we eat. More surprising and often over looked is the cost of not just using water but the effects of using poor quality water. The only way to accurately determine if you should have a water treatment system is to have your water tested. Most municipalities offer water testing for a nominal fee or in some cases at no charge. To obtain a water quality report you should contact your local water authority or you may be able to access a public report here. R&D Services provides a free water quality report as a service to all of our clients, if you would like to obtain a report for your home please contact us today.

The water quality report will provide a lot of detail about what is in your water and indicate whether or not a water treatment system is necessary for your home. The primary concerns with water quality are bacteria and other pathogens, PH levels, lead and water hardness. For a more comprehensive list of contaminants you can click on one of the links below provided by the EPA.

The type of water you have at your home is equally important as there are different methods for treating homes with well water in comparison to homes with city water. For more information about the types of treatment systems for your water source click on one of the links below.

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