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Ductless Cooling Systems for Multiple Rooms

The Benefits of Ductless Multi-Zone Units

Multi-zone ductless AC units allow you to independently adjust the temperature in different rooms. This allows individuals to program their surrounding to their comfort levels - no more arguing over the thermostat or putting up with a house that's too hot or too cold for your liking. Beyond just the comfort aspect, zones provide an incredibly efficient way to bring air conditioning to your home. You won't be wasting energy cooling rooms that aren't in use, or running your equipment overtime to cool off one room, while another is far too cold. In the end, this means your energy consumption is less, your carbon footprint is smaller, and your monthly bill is lower.

Seamless Installation by Trained Professionals

The technicians at R&D Heating, Cooling, and Electric are experts in evaluating a space and installing the perfect equipment for your needs. Properly sizing your units is essential to an efficient and effective cooling system. From there, we'll install your units for an unobtrusive look and optimal positioning for comfort and aesthetics.