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Furnace Repair, Installation, and Maintenance Services

Best Furnace Replacement & Furnace Repair Sevices in the Area!

R&D Heating and Cooling provides a full suite of Furnace repair, installation, and maintenance services. In need of boiler repairs or maintenance? Don’t worry – we have an experienced team of professionals ready to take on the task for you.

Furnace Repair Services

“Only certified professionals with experience should perform furnace repairs”

We service both oil and gas furnaces for homes and light commercial spaces. A certified professional can run a proper diagnostic process for a faulty furnace, and pinpoint the cause of concern.

Furnace Tune-Up – $89.99

With R&D HVAC, you can be certain that a true professional will help you fix the problem through a combination of extensive experience and superior customer service.

Furnaces are an efficient and functional source of heat, especially on brutally cold days. Aging boilers can present issues with this efficiency. As they continue to work harder and harder to provide heat for your home their internals becomes less effective at converting fuel to heat. If you are concerned about your unit and want an expert to take a look… Start with our $89.99 tune-up service!

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R&D HVAC Furnace Services:

Furnace Replacements

R&D Heating and Cooling replaces and installs Bryant furnaces using the most effective techniques for the best result. If your home or business needs a new heating system, a clean-burning and ultra-efficient gas furnace is one of the best options.

Our technicians have years of experience installing brand new equipment or replacing existing systems.

Furnace Installations

Too often, we see furnaces that have not been installed correctly. They malfunction more easily, run less efficiently, and cost home and business owners more money every month through increased energy costs.

When it’s time to install a new furnace in your space, call the professionals at R&D HVAC, and trust us to do things the right way the first time.

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Preventative Maintenance & Service Agreements

At R&D HVAC, we offer preventative maintenance plans that provide your furnace with year-round maintenance service to ensure it is always working at maximum efficiency.


We’re nearly always offering specials and discounts for new customers, or for new estimates, on qualifying systems.

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Troubleshooting Your System

If your boiler or heat doesn’t seem to be working, we recommend checking the following to see if you can get your system up and running before contacting the professional services of R&D HVAC.

Troubleshooting Checklist

  • Check Your Thermostat — Is it on the correct setting?
  • Check Your Filters — Are your filters dirty or clogged?
  • Check Your Power Source — Is your system getting electricity?

If your thermostat is at the correct setting, your filters are clear, and the electrical connection to your heating system is online and your furnace still is not working, contact R&D HVAC to get your heat back on today.

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Furnace Installation & Furnace Repair FAQs

Boilers are mechanical, and as such, require maintenance on an annual basis to ensure efficient operation. Boiler parts, such as the fireside, the refractory, the waterside, the burner, and the controls—everything—should be in mint-condition so that you have a guaranteed warm environment come winter.

Make sure the emergency switch is not off. You can usually find this on the unit next to an outlet, or at the top of the steps to a basement on the wall, opposite to the light switches. In most cases, the switch will have a red “Emergency Shut-Off” faceplate on it.

Most systems have emergency safety switches are designed to prevent water from overflowing. If your furnace has a pan underneath it with water in it, that is most likely the cause of the system shutting down. A temporary fix would be to remove the water from the pan. If a safety switch was installed in the pan, removing the water will allow the heater to run temporarily. If your system has a condensate pump installed to pump out the condensate, check to make sure the unit has power and is free from debris in the reservoir.

While obvious that if the thermostat is set for heat and the unit turns on, but nothing comes out other than cool air, we have a problem. For some reason, the unit is not igniting, That’s when you should call us to have a technician come out to see why.

There are multiple reasons why this can happen and all of them require a technician to come out. If this is what you are experienceing, please call us right away and book a same-day appointment to get your furnace evaluated by our trained and certified technicians./p>

Homeowners that use natural gas save, on average, about $1,000 per year in heating bills. By switching to natural gas, your new equipment can pay for itself in a matter of years. Additional benefits of natural gas heating include a cleaner burning fuel, increased reliability, and is longer lasting than oil heating.

A furnace works by heating air, and then, with the aid of a blower, moves the heated air through a building’s duct system. There are several types of HVAC furnaces that can work with heat pumps, on steam, or hot water. Their pipes can be installed in the walls or floors, but a pipeless furnace is also available for our clients who don’t have a way to install the other types.

It’s most likely that this is not the heater, but the registers in the room. We need to perform an air balancing to ensure air is being supplied evenly through the ducts.

It’s most likely that this is not the heater, but the registers in the room. We need to perform an air balancing to ensure air is being supplied evenly through the ducts.

Aside from perfection, you can expect it to take roughly one day for our installers to remove your existing system and install a new one. A standard process at R&D Heating and Cooling is to replace all of the existing ducting connected to the heater. Unless otherwise requested, your new furnace will be set into an emergency drain pan which houses an emergency shut off switch, in the event the unit overflows with condensate (water).

Everything will be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, and then started up in order to ensure proper operation. Our Comfort Consultant will then conduct a quality assurance review of the installation, and review your new heating system’s operation with you.

Your heater should be serviced annually, and your filters should be changed quarterly. Furnaces require a lot of maintenance if done correctly, which is why preventative maintenance is key. Every function within the operation of the furnace should be checked against the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the system is working at peak efficiency, as well as to identify issues before they become major problems!

Our crystal ball usually says 15 years, but your mileage may vary. Life expectancy depends on how much the system has run and how well it has been maintained. Most manufacturers will say 15 years.