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Ductless Single Room Cooling

Cooling Down a Problem Area

Warm weather can expose a lot of flaws in the design of your home. Whether you have a room that just doesn’t cool down, or you’ve build an addition that’s not included in the home’s original duct work, you may find that certain areas become nearly unusable in summer months. By fitting an easy-to-install and user-friendly ductless system in a problem room, you’ll provide an incredibly effective way to bring down temperatures and provide a comfortable environment in sunrooms, guest bedrooms, refinished attics, and top floor apartments that need sufficient temperature control.

An Energy-Efficient Cooling Method

When you have a room or portion of your home that doesn’t cool as easily as the rest of the house, you wind up expending a ton of wasted energy trying to bring down the temperature. While other parts of the home are too cold, the cooling system is working overtime just to make things comfortable in another portion of the house.

Ductless split systems are incredibly efficient pieces of equipment that will reduce the strain on the rest of your home’s cooling system and save you money every month by reducing your energy bills.

R&D Experts for Ductless System Installation and Repair

Our technicians will work on and brand of ductless mini-split systems. if you’re having issues with existing equipment, we’re happy to diagnose and repair your problems with the same prompt service that has made us a premier provider of HVAC and electrical services in Pennsylvania.

If you’re interested in installing a brand new system, we’ll check out your space and walk you through your options from start to finish. Our installations are clean, prompt, and efficient. Once you’ve got one of these systems installed in your home by a professional, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.