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Ductless and Split Cooling Systems

Having ductless split systems are often preferred to standard central cooling systems. They allow individual cooling within the home, thereby preventing the need to cool an entire home at once. Furthermore, split system air conditioning is often a preferred choice following home additions.

How Split Systems Work

A split system is “split” into two primary locations, while also remaining connected through a primary conduit system. The exterior of a home will house a compressor; whereas, individual cooling units will be installed within the home. The greatest advantage with split systems is the ability to connect multiple units to one compressor. This allows for individual cooling needs and improved efficiency.

How Ductless mini split systems work

Lowering Energy Cost with a Split Cooling System

Having a split system installed throughout the home can dramatically reduce energy costs. This is a result of how they are installed. They allow for the installation of multiple small units, which require less output than larger, single units. Basically, homeowners are able to have a split system placed in heavy use rooms.

The average home typically will have 4-5 units installed, each with their own thermostat. This allows homeowners to cool the living room or any other room while it’s in use only. This ensures that homeowners are able to efficiently cool only the amount of space needed on demand. Split system efficiency is also a result of their ductless design. Energy loss can be as high as 30% in standard duct delivery cooling systems. Since split systems are built within the area being cooled, the typical energy loss is prevented, ensuring that the entire amount of cooling energy is converted to cool, comfortable air.

Split Cooling System Disadvantages

The cost of installing split systems can be considerably higher than other available cooling systems. On average, the initial install price is approximately 30% more than other air conditioners found on the market. This is discouraging to some homeowners; however, over time, the added cost can be recouped through the monthly energy cost savings provided.

Some homeowners will also dislike split systems primarily as a result of design limitations. They are set up in individual rooms, free of duct work, and require an install taking up a small level of space. This is often built along the outer wall. However, this can be prevented by having a section of wall cut into and then repaired.

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