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Central Air Conditioning Installation

As the heat index continues to climb to scorching numbers, year after year, households across the nation are swapping out window a/c units for central air conditioners. The overall procedure can be completed with relative ease and within a few steps. The average price can range between $3000 and $8000, based on whether duct work is already in place. Additionally, all work can typically be performed within just a few days, provided that the new central a/c unit is being installed into a previous forced air heating unit.

Determining the Right Central Air Conditioning Unit

Prior to having a central a/c unit installed, the technician will need to determine which size is right. This is typically completed by using a heat-gain calculation. This calculation allows technicians to determine the amount of heat that a home gains through attic size, insulation density and solar exposure through window placement.

Once a heat-gain calculation has been performed, the technician will be able to determine the correct central unit size for optimal cooling. This ensures that the unit can withstand high heat demands. Installing the wrong sized unit can result in excessive energy waste, thereby increasing the cost of cooling a home. This is especially true when a smaller than adequate unit has been installed.

Choosing a Central Cooling System Type

There are two available cooling systems to choose from, a package system and a split system. Both central cooling systems are equally efficient. The primary differences is the delivery of cool air.

Package System – In a standard package system, refrigerant is cooled via ganging the condenser. A fan motor is then used to release air cooled by the refrigerant into the air ducts. Ducts will then deliver cooled air throughout an entire house.

Split System – The most common central air conditioning unit installed is the split system. The install is split into two separate locations, with the condenser placed outside and the coil and fan installed within the home. Pipes designed to carry refrigerant connects the entire cooling system. If a forced air furnace is already in place, the fan and coil system will be connected to it, otherwise a separate free standing system can be installed within the attic.

Installing Duct Work if they are Absent

In a home without duct work already in place, new ducts will need to be installed. Even though this seems like a great ordeal, ducts can be installed relatively easy and without the need for heavy demolition. Ducts will typically be installed above ceilings and behind closet walls, thereby keeping them completely hidden. The few required entry points will be minimal, therefore requiring a limited amount of repair patchwork.