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Coming home to a cold house on a chilly Pennsylvania day can be a stressful and aggravating experience. While many tasks involving HVAC equipment should be handled by licensed professionals, there are a few easy troubleshooting methods that could save you some time and frustration.

If your heater isn’t turning on

Make sure Your Thermostat is set to Heat

Yes, it sounds obvious, but if you’re not looking for the small stuff like this, it can be easy to overlook. It’s easy enough for someone to accidentally set the thermostat to the wrong setting without noticing.

Check Your Filters


Dirty and clogged filters can sneak up on you, especially if you haven’t been paying attention to regular furnace maintenance. Dirty filters not only cost you money in the form of lost efficiency, they can also lead newer equipment to shutting down altogether. If you can find your filter, pull it out and replace it if it’s clogged with debris. The new component will not only get your system running again, but will improve its efficiency and help remove irritants from the air.

Make Sure You’ve Got Power

Check your thermostat to make sure it’s on. If it isn’t you may need to replace its batteries or trip the breaker to get the unit up and running again. Similarly, check your circuit breaker to make sure your heating equipment is getting electricity. Even gas systems still often need a power supply for their sensors and fans.

One last place to check for power is the furnace switch – this is a separate switch located on or near the furnace that controls power to the equipment. Make sure this has not been switched to off.

Anything beyond these basic troubleshooting steps may require some more in-depth knowledge of your home’s gas systems and your furnace’s particular configuration. If you’re comfortable working with this kind of equipment, you can find how to light your pilot light (For older furnaces) or find model-specific troubleshooting guides in your furnace’s owner’s manual. Always remember, working with this equipment can be dangerous, and HVAC technicians go through extensive training to be able to work on and repair these essential home systems.

Call A Professional

If you’ve gone through the troubleshooting methods outlined here and your home’s heating system still won’t turn on, call the experts at R&D Heating, Cooling, and Electric today. Our trained professionals will be able to diagnose and repair your furnace quickly and at a fair price. We provide emergency services as well as easy, affordable financing options so you won’t be left in the cold.


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Kennett Square heat wave 2016
Kennett Square heat wave 2016

This Week’s Weather Forecast for Kennett Square.

Now’s the Time to Keep Your AC Healthy!

If you haven’t gotten your AC looked at yet this summer, now might be the time. With 64 days left of summer, the Philadelphia region is poised for yet another heat wave next weekend! Our main office is in Kennett Square, PA, where forecasts are showing 97° on Sunday! Heat like that is not only uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous.

With all that in mind, now is NOT the time to allow your home’s cooling system to go on the fritz. A quick and affordable preventative maintenance visit can keep you cool and comfy during the dog days of summer. This is also a great time to upgrade existing equipment to get a more effective, more reliable system. Luckily, the experts at R&D Heating and Cooling, know how to install a wide variety of cooling systems. From full-home AC units, to single-room ductless systems, to dehumidifiers and air purifiers, we can provide your home with the necessary equipment for a comfortable home in every season.

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Whether you’re just playing it safe with a quick check-up, in need of a major repair, or looking to upgrade your home cooling system, the experts at R&D Heating, Cooling, and Electric can help you find the best option at the fairest prices. We sell the world’s most trusted HVAC brands and are certified to repair, install, and maintain all of your home’s most essential systems. Call our representatives today to schedule a service call right away, and make sure you’re in the best position to combat the upcoming heat wave! If you need emergency repairs done this weekend, we provide that too! At R&D, we take pride in providing the communities we call home with top-notch service. Reach out today and discover how we can help!