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When it’s hot outside, there are few things more devastating than returning home after a long day and finding that it’s just as hot inside your house as it is outside. While it’s very likely your first instinct is to call a service repairman and beg them to come out immediately, there are a few things you should do first when you air conditioning system isn’t working. There are some matters that are simple to fix yourself, but others will require a professional.


– Check The Thermostat

This is a quick and easy fix that has the tendency not to cross your mind. It’s not unusual for a setting to get changed by accident, particularly in a home with children. Don’t ever skip the step of checking the thermostat, regardless of how sure you are that it has not been altered.


– Check The Blowers

The blower is the fan that circulates air throughout your house. To make certain it’s working properly, go to the thermostat and turn the fan switch to “on”. If, after 30 seconds or so, the blower has not come on, you will need to contact a professional. If the blower is working, but there’s little to no air coming from the vents, check your filters, coils, and refrigerant levels.


– Check Your Filters And Coils

One of the most common reasons an air conditioner isn’t able to work properly is because the filters and coils are dirty. Make certain that your filters are not clogged with dust, pet fur, and more. If it is, you may choose to clean it out, but your best option is to replace it. (Keep in mind that filters should be changed monthly for the best results.) Also, ensure your coil is not stopped up with leaves or grass clippings. If it is, turn the unit off and clean it out.


– Check The Fuse Or Breakers And Outside Disconnect Switch

Occasionally fuses and breakers can get kicked to an off position, so never skip this step. In older homes, it is not unusual for circuits to become overloaded and cut power to everything on the circuit breaker. Make certain everything is in the “on” position before you begin to panic. If there’s an issue with the breaker becoming overloaded, unplug nonessential items to decrease the amount of work that is required.



– Check Your Refrigerant Levels

This does require that you contact a professional. If your refrigerant levels are low, the pipe that runs from the outside unit to the inside unit will freeze up. It may be as simple a fix as adding more refrigerant, but it could also indicate a possible leak or blockage. In both instances, the repairman will have to pinpoint the exact location and repair the problem before replenishing the refrigerant. Conclusion If your air conditioner unit is not working properly, do not immediately begin to assume that it is in need of costly repairs. Follow the tips above and you may find that your unit can quickly be repaired without the need of outside assistance.


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Here are 3 simple ways you can save money or energy cost this summer in Kennett Square, West Chester or surrounding towns in PA.

  • 1. Solar shades and screens keep the heat away. Radiation from the sun through glass can cause the temperature in your room to increase. By installaing solar shades you block the direct radiation from the sun on the window thereby preventing an increase in room temperature.
  • 2. Plant shady trees by windows. The trees serve the same purpose as the window shade would. They block direct sunlight from reach your window and increasing room temperature.
  • 3. window films are thin sheet of material that can be used on the window to block infra red light into the room. Infra red light carries a lot of heat energy so blocking infra red light prevents the temperature of the room from rising

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Proper Downingtown heating is very important as the winter weather moves in. You don’t want to be in freezing temperatures and realize that your heater isn’t turning on or working as well as it should. Finding out about the Phoenixville heating repair needs you have before winter time is very important. A Downingtown HVAC service can come to your home or business and check it out. They can then then let you know what will need to be completed in regards to Phoenixville furnace repair. In many instances, this can extend the life of your furnace for many years. If you let problems go through you may find you have to completely replace your heater and that can be costly. Make sure you only trust those businesses with West Chester HVAC qualifications to check out your furnace, to make necessary repairs, or to replace the furnace. They have the right training to make sure it all gets done correctly. A professional can clean out your furnace and also replace the filters in it. That is very important so that the warm air it forces out is hot enough. Without it, this could result in the furnace working harder than it has to. It can also result in you turning up the thermostat in order to get enough heat to feel comfortable in your home. The last thing you want is to pay more for your heating bill due to your heater not performing as well as it should. There are quite a few components involves for a furnace to work like it should. Sometimes, there is a simple fix that can be done for it to work like it should. For example, an igniter or a switch that has gone bad. With a West Chester HVAC service being done, such repairs can be done for a low cost. You want to know your furnace works well and that you can just turn it on and it will do what it should. In fact, you should be able to take it for granted and forget about it. Get into the habit of an annual inspection for your furnace. Pay attention to how it sounds, the output of heat, and more too. By doing so, you will ensure that it is working and possibly prevent further damages to it. This is a way for you to avoid serious problems with it by ignoring early warning signs. You may not know much about a furnace, but doing these small things can make a huge difference. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to schedule Downingtown HVAC maintenance services. That way you can ensure your furnace is working just like it should before you need to turn it on for the cold winter months. Don’t take for granted that it will work like it should when you need it the most! It doesn’t take much time at all for the phone call to be made or for the inspection to be done. In the long run, it will save you time, money, and stress. If you still have questions regarding Downingtown air conditioning, or Downingtown air conditioning repair please let us know. We proudly service Phoenixville heating , and heating repair to the surrounding areas. Looking for West Chester HVAC and West Chester heating we will be happy to provide you with an informative quote. Give us a call for all of your air conditioning, and heating needs!